6 priorities for Nové Mesto

Nové Mesto si facing a number of challenges that cannot be tackled by listing for EU funds, fixing broken public property or decorating the neighborhood with flowers. The district needs a plan and a clearly defined vision in order to solve problems connected with an increasing population, traffic jams and pollution. These are six priorities we consider most important in Nové Mesto.

Today, Nové Mesto is in the spotlight of developers and the forest of cranes is hovering above the panorama of our city district. Even today, one can see the negative impact of insufficient planning and unrestrained construction – worsening traffic situation, inadequate kindergarten capacity or receding vineyards. Planning must be grasped firmly by the city district into its own hands prudently managing the development of its area. We shall prepare detailed urbanistic studies, strict zoning plans and honest transport studies that will enable us to better uphold the public interest. In addition to that I consider it important to clearly define the rules of presenting, evaluating and commenting any development projects.

Congested roads, cars parking on sidewalks or in the greenery, missing cycling paths and a multitude of obstacles the pedestrians are facing on sidewalks all illustrate the current situation that is not accommodate anyone. A necessary solution to that is the change in the way we perceive city mobility and responsible planning for all – pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers. We shall introduce residential parking policy, implement an audit of foot traffic that will become a base for a systematic removal of barriers and we’ll start to build fully fledged and safe cycling paths.

Potholes, high curbs, damaged street furniture, and a swarm of billboards trouble the lives of the inhabitants. Focusing on parks and playgrounds alone is not enough because the quality of life in the city is mainly impacted by safe, clean, and comfortable streets. We will set a standard for care and maintenance that will be guaranteed by the local administration within its territory and we will draft a manual for creating public spaces with emphasis on safe, tolerant streets for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. Streets are more than just a means of mobility. We will launch a program of light, quick and inexpensive improvements that will also verify the suitability of longer-term and more demanding changes for the streets of Nové Mesto.


In Nové Mesto one can see regularly dried out vegetation, unprofessionally tended trees or lawns damaged by cars. However, in the times of changing climate well tended foliage plays a key role in retaining humidity or creating a pleasant climate on the streets. We will complete the passportisation of trees, prepare a concept of foliage development and introduce regular systematic care of the trees. Reconstruction of streets will focus on increasing the share of vegetation and rainwater retention.

Litter in the bushes, damaged benches or graffiti on the walls suggest that many people do not have a good attitude towards the place they live in. People and entire communities live next to one another, barely knowing and benefiting from each other. Hence we want to expand the connection of the inhabitants to the city district, the surroundings and their own neighbours. We will focus on extending the network of community and family centres while supporting cultural and social programs that connect people across cultural or social groups and among generations. This election will determine the direction of the city district for not only the next four years. I believe that people will understand the changes the city will have to face while having the courage to decide for a fair, healthy and sustainable Nové Mesto.


Social services are important for everyone including seniors, people with different kinds of handicaps, families and the homeless. The lack or services for any of the mentioned groups leads to the decrease of quality of life of everyone living in the same area. Lacking housing solutions for seniors, physical barriers in daily senior centers and weakly coordinated financial help are just a sample of problems facing social groups in Nové Mesto. The issue of the homeless is strong mainly near Račianske mýte, Teplická or Zátišie. Thus, we’ll focus on streightening and widening of available social services, we’ll finish the project of Center for rapid intervention and we’ll initiate project for preventing and ending of homelessness via a system of terrain social workers and pilot projects.

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