My story

I am an activist from the city of Bratislava who is for seven years mainly concerned with the maintenance of public spaces and issues such as visual smog, parking policy or the maintenance of public green spaces.

Since 2011, I was able to organize 639 volunteer events with the aim to push either elected and non-elected officials to start seriously solving urban problems connected to illegal dumps, damaged sidewalks and ill-managed public spaces. In 2017 I decided to apply for the post of Mayor of the district Bratislava – Nové Mesto in order to create an island of positive deviations in Bratislava’s communal politics.

In 1987 I was born to George and Danica Čupková as their oldest son. My elementary school became the Kalinčiakova Elementary School, where I participated in organized sports. After two years of tennis, I signed up for baseball and spent nine years traveling not only Slovakia but also to several European countries.  I also represented Slovakia in the U18 European Baseball Championships in Pamplona, Spain.

My next steps led me to the Church Gymnazium of St. Vincent de Paul , which specializes in foreign languages. Then I enrolled at the Faculty of Social and Economic Science of Comenius University in the study department of European Studies and International Relations.

During university studies, I gradually acquired work experience in the civil sector at the Slovak Governance Institute and also in the IT sector at the company DELL . After a semester in Uppsala universitet in Sweden, I got involved in the emerging pro-cycling initiative Cyklokoalícia and I became a regular participant in Critical Mass bike rides.

In 2011, together with my brother Ondrej, we founded the Green Patrol, a volunteer initiative, which was at first devoted to the cleanup of the streets, and later to the disposal of illegal dumps. Thanks to the willingness of random people, we managed to execute regular volunteer activities. During this time I was awarded the Jury Prize for community organizing in an event called Philanthropist of the Year and I became also the Green Volunteer of the Year.

In 2012, we were expanding our activities to the removal of illegal dumps and gradually we also addressed the issue of physical barrier in public spaces and parking on the sidewalks. At the same time, I joined the well-known civic organization Tree of Life for 6 months.

In 2013, we took on ourselves our biggest challenge in the form of the former Filiálka railway station . We were able to gradually remove 59 tons of waste, we built a temporary pathway connecting both sides of the grounds, we’ve set up and regularly emptied our two waste bins and we planned to transform this vast area into a cultural and social space.

At the same time we are filling our first large-capacity containers on a large illegal dump in the area of ​​former garages in Zátišie. Overall, in this area alone, we organized 28 volunteer events in which we remove about 140 tons of waste. A separate challenge was the Trnavské mýto square where we adopt the entrance to the underpass from the Istropolis building and we maintain this space without graffiti for two years.

At the same time, we are devoting ourselves to cleaning the streets of Nové Mesto through twelve volunteer events, during which we collected 72 garbage bins form the streets of our district.

In 2014, we enter the field of investigative work in the area of public advertisement. Our prime case became advertisement tripods placed around lighting poles around the city. We decided to notify municipal officials about this case through a series of blogs for which we were awarded the 2014 Journalist Prize in the category of best article posted on a blog. We are also launching a new type of activity under the name SpotFix, which is aimed at promoting good practices in the area of street maintenance.

In 2015, we begin to remove graffiti from walls of Railway station Vinohrady, thus begins the era of SpotFixing the city. At the same time, our son Lukáš enters into our life and with Zuzana we become husband and wife .

In 2016 we finish our first full season of SpotFixing . Within 27 events we were, for example, removing physical barriers in Riazanska Street, disposing of graffiti on bins and benches at the Kuchajda lake, or were setting up new benches at the Riazanská tram stop.

On 27th of February 2017 I announce my intention to enter politics and on 23rd of May 2017 I officially announce my intention to run for Mayor of Bratislava Nové Mesto.

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