Nové Mesto 2.0.

I want to make Nové Mesto an adress that big A.

A place where people will like to live, which people will love to visit and where they will feel happy. Where there are well kept streets, buildings such as Nová Tržnica, Konská železnica
or Vernosť are full of life and our children will have nursery places in public kindergartens and quality education at schools.

It will be a place that will have the identity of an address that offers different kinds of housing from built in the beginning of the last century to the present. Where iconic buildings such as the TV Tower are complemented by interesting works of art, where you can meet your neighbor in a street that promotes social interactions, this will be the place where we love to live.

A place that will be an island of positive deviation that other municipalities will learn from and residents of other districts will use our solutions as an example for their elected representatives.

Thanks to the volunteer initiative Green Patrol I established, I know that it is possible to create similar positive islands with our own hands and a bunch of enthusiastic great people. I believe we can do that in the whole Nové Mesto.

We want to achieve all of this through specific measures that you will find in a total of twelve equivalent topics. For each topic you’ll find infographics, a video commentary and an interview with an expert on the topic.

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